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 Action Report: Scrim vs. 101st: 17-August-2011

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PostSubject: Action Report: Scrim vs. 101st: 17-August-2011   Action Report:  Scrim vs. 101st:  17-August-2011 I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 17, 2011 4:25 am

Map: ???

Our attack was too quick. We should have taken defense first. That was a bad call on my part. Our attacks were well executed. Fundamentally, we were moving as a unit, and tactically strong. We were covering well, and were able to make a strong assult, against a strong defense. Unfortunately, our attacks ended in defeat. We didn't get separated, and we fought hard. That Lancer guy that was dug in like an Alabama tick, was hard to dislodge. He took out half our unit. In retrospect, we should have led into that house with grenates, with an auto assult following. Our defense proved to be a good defense, with a clutch streak by Lu.

Loss 2:3 in AVA
Map: Donner

Defensively, we were strong. We were covering each other, and working as a unit to note locations and enemy attack positions. We were able to collapse on the last enemy, and take him. Our attack was completely thwarted. They had an auto and rocket in fields, and the entrance was barricaded. This defense was only there to force us onto mainstreet and Tank Alley. Tank alley was tapped with periodic grenades, and bench alley was taking wall fire from their MG. This further funneled us onto mainstreet, where their main defensive firing line tore us apart. We should work on making a defense like this of our own, and also work on how to disrupt an defense like that.

General Notes:
I was completely impressed with the 82nd tonight. It was their privates who were typing, and talking in spectate. We were cool headed, and worked well together. I was very proud tonight to be part of the 82nd. You young men showed poise, respect, and dignity. You were quick to fall in, and took orders extremely well. We also discovered some talents we didn't know we had, as well as some new recruit skills we have needed. I can't say enough what a difference tonight was from a couple of days ago. It was like night and day. I am very proud of each of you. The more time and patience we show in training, the more unified we will become. The more we will learn our strengths. Please take a moment and see just how far you have come. We will eventually get to where we want to be. More dedication and commitment is necessary, and I of everyone know how little time there is in the day to play games. If we can commit to each other, that while we are together, we work on our skills...even if it's during pub time, we can still work on the techniques we are learning. Let's do our best to be at each of the BCTs and Cords training. I will work with the exectutive staff to make a more regimented schedule of BCTs, so we can do our best to be there.

You guys hold your head high. The Capt. and I are very proud of the way you performed. Forgive our mistakes as your leaders. We are learning, and studying this game more than you know. We are woking to make the 82nd the strongest AB in DODs. Keep up the good work. Don't be discouraged when we lose. We take a few shots on the chin, and we learn. For now, look at the 101st as our goal. We want to beat them. Let's keep that in mind when we train. Let's keep that in mind when we recruit. Let's keep our heads, and keep studying tactics. I promise you, we will win.

Take what we have learned in just a week or so, and let's build on it. Continue to work hard. Don't give up, and keep the support high for each other. We get there as a unit....The 82nd AB.

2nd Lt. A. Duck [82nd AB]

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PostSubject: To add on   Action Report:  Scrim vs. 101st:  17-August-2011 I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 17, 2011 4:45 am

I agree with you Duck. Today i was happy not mad not sad. But happy, you made me the happest Capt alive. You shown me that you are a family. This is the best dam unit i have ever lead in my life. 10 years of playing realism. You dont get men likes this usely, guess keep up the good work and i promise you we will be the best unit around.

CO D. Lewis
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PostSubject: Re: Action Report: Scrim vs. 101st: 17-August-2011   Action Report:  Scrim vs. 101st:  17-August-2011 I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 18, 2011 6:56 pm

I think on the first map it was unfamiliar territory for a lot of us, so the loss wasn't surprising. Although the round we won showcased an excellent adaptability on our part. (Good job captain, you did set it up)

The only comment I have for the 1st map is that I felt like some of my initial positions were being thrown in the front with no real way to survive. My suggestion would be that if someone is put in a position they are not comfortable with, they can request to switch with someone who is comfortable with said position. The only times that I got a kill on those rounds was from breaking formation a little, which i felt should not be the case.

The rounds on Donner were good, but I think our clan needs to work on attack plans a little more. The 101st seems very organized with an attack, while ours is just sending people through different routes in groups. There defense was good, true, but that doesn't mean we should spend the entire round suppressed and getting picked off one by one. In the case of a strong defense like this in the future, I suggest we regroup, and prepare a new plan of attack.

The last thing to note is comradeship, the 82nd did a great job of being brothers these scrims. People really looked out for each other, and were mature and respectful, and I don't say that lightly. The clowning around on the server I see a lot ceased completely during the scrim, and that is a very positive thing.
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Action Report:  Scrim vs. 101st:  17-August-2011 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Action Report: Scrim vs. 101st: 17-August-2011   Action Report:  Scrim vs. 101st:  17-August-2011 I_icon_minitime

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Action Report: Scrim vs. 101st: 17-August-2011
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