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 Squads look for them in here

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Squads look for them in here  Empty
PostSubject: Squads look for them in here    Squads look for them in here  I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 15, 2011 5:37 am

Capt. D. Lewis
1st Lt. Lopez
2nd Lt. Austin
2nd Lt. Duck
CWO. Ken

NCO Staff

1st Sgt. Ruiz
M/Sgt. Lu
T/Sgt. Perish
S/Sgt. Bradley

1st Squad [ A ]
Sgt. Kan
Cpl. Dixon
Pfc. Mikey
Pvt. Shaw
Pvt. Snoop
Pvt. Blue
Pvt. Elite

2 Squad B
Sgt. Mercer
Cpl. Hetrick
Pvt. Sick
Pvt. Cousin
Pvt. Shovle Man
Pvt. Caleigh
Pvt. Haggard

3rd Squad C
Sgt. Alderman
Cpl. Archambutt
Pfc. Burns
Pvt. Bottoms
Pvt. Holt
Pvt. Ryan
Pvt. Remington

4th Squad D
Sgt. Eichel
Cpl. Ferrendelli
Pfc. Lewisnki
Pvt. Hamilton
Pvt. Morte
Pvt. Shepherd

5th Squad E
Sgt. Pilon
Cpl. Malarkey
Pfc. Marion
Pvt. Jason
Pvt. ArKan
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Squads look for them in here
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