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 Action Report: 82nd v. 101st: 15-August-2011

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Action Report:  82nd v. 101st: 15-August-2011 Empty
PostSubject: Action Report: 82nd v. 101st: 15-August-2011   Action Report:  82nd v. 101st: 15-August-2011 I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 15, 2011 3:58 am

Loss 1:3 - Donner

Loss 0:3 - Train Yard?

First map (Train yard- forgot name). On defense, we were slowly attacked, and picked off one by one. The 101st moved slowly and quietly in two by two cover tactics. Their sniper was good. He didn't expose much of his body...ever. He was always in cover. They made good use of their smoke and frags. They were able to divide our defense, and pick us off one by one.

We were able to give them more of a fight in Donner, but their tactics changed slightly. They were more aggressive on attack, moving in pairs. Of course this is from only my point of view. It looked like they were pushing deliberately toward areas of the map that were key control points...The Suze's, controling N-S and E-W directions, then moving forward. They were efficient with their fire, and grenades. They did not give away their posiiton, unless they wanted to bait us. In one round, they were firing on Axis Suze in an attempt to draw us out, meanwhile they were moving into Tank Alley for a rear flank. we were able to stop this attack, and win that round, but it was close.

I noticed more movement in their defense as well. The collapsed on our points of attack, then withdrew. They have a good "run and gun" technique, where my typical attack is more of a "shoot and scoot"...difference is...the run and gun opresses, and the shoot and scoot supresses.

The biggest difference I saw was the discipline factor. I have to say I was completely embarrassed by the actions of our NCOs and Troops. During set up, the 82nd looked like a bunch of retards, laying around, out of formation, everyone had a different gun out, and playing grab ass with the guy next to him. The 101st stood quietly in formation, each of them looked identical. They were silent, and respectful. They were obviously better tactically, but I think the biggest difference is, they take it much more seriously than we do. I think that the discipline "off the field" translates to better communication on the field.

The differences between the first scrim with the 7th and this one was like night and day. People were talking and playing music over the mic. People were fighting or pussfooting around, running around the map, out of formation. While we were observing, NONE of the 101st spoke a word. It would have been hard to get a word in edgewise due to the amount of IRRELEVANT mic traffic that the 82nd was laying down. It was a complete embarrassment.

I think the only way to get to that level of play, is to stop the grab-ass bullshit, and take the training and scrims seriously. There is enough time to mess around during public server time. I rarely cuss on the mic...you know that. The actions of this unit made me so frustrated, I actually dropped a GD...for that, I apologize.

2nd Lt. A. Duck [82nd AB]
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Action Report: 82nd v. 101st: 15-August-2011
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