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 Action Report: 82nd v. 7th Scrim 15-Aug-2011

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Action Report:  82nd v. 7th Scrim 15-Aug-2011 Empty
PostSubject: Action Report: 82nd v. 7th Scrim 15-Aug-2011   Action Report:  82nd v. 7th Scrim 15-Aug-2011 I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 15, 2011 3:34 am

Won 3:0

The first and third rounds were complete sweeps, with minimal casualties from the 82nd. The 2nd round was more even, but still resulted in victory.

This was a "pick-up" scrim, where 1st Lt. Pinkk from the 7th challenged the 82nd to a scrim.

The unit did very well, because we shook up our normal tactics on Donner. We were able to break into two squads while on attack, one apporaching from tank alley, the other from fields. In this scenario, the units converged on Allied ruins, and created an offensive firing line, supressing the enemy. We effectively used our "run and gunners" with rear cover. Austin, Lewis, and Mercer were excellent, with multiple kills.

I think the run and gun tactics, with effective rear cover put the enemy on their heels, opening up opportunities for the sniper and riflemen. Once the enemy's position was compromised, the unit responded with good communication and action to wipe them out.

The group was alert, and kept mic silence during the fight, only communicating position. We were respectful and looked disciplined between rounds.

It felt really good beating those guys. For the most part, we were gracious, and respectful in the victory. When the 7th began to complain, it is not the duty of anyone in the unit to addres the other team. Only the Capt has the right to address the issue, unless he wishes otherwise. I think our unit still needs a bit of discipline when it comes to respecting the officers, and their decisions, regardless of how we feel about them.

2nd Lt. A. Duck [82nd AB]

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Action Report: 82nd v. 7th Scrim 15-Aug-2011
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